March 13, 2020 Mario Garay

"Jose kept in touch and was very punctual as to when he said he would be at our house. Did a great job with our leaky roof, and explained exactly what caused the issue, and how they fixed it. I recommend Delgados to friends and family alike."
August 11, 2019 Ean Escandon

"I had a re-roof job and Delgado’s price was the best out of all the estimates we got. The guys were clean and professional. So good, I had them do another job for me."
July 1, 2019 Matthew Mahboub

"Jose and his crew were very professional and they did a great job on my roof. And they were very reasonably priced. They came back and did a repair job caused by a different contractor right away when I asked them to. A friend of mine manages one of the major roofing supply companies in town and he recommended Delgado’s, and I recommend them as well."
July 1, 2019 Andrew Hadcock

Real Estate Broker

"I have been recommending Delgado's since 2007 when they replaced my roof. In 2007, Jose Delgado gave me an estimate to replace my pitched and flat roof. 40 days after the estimate, I got hail damage. My neighbors were using other roofers, so I had a couple other roofers give me estimates to compare with Delgado's. The other roofers said the cost would be whatever the amount my insurance check would be. I did not think that was fair because many homes in my neighborhood are the same, so why should the cost be more for me if I have good insurance? I called Jose and asked him how much my estimate would be considering my roof was now hail damaged. He said it would be the same cost as before the hail damage; that the hail did not affect his cost to replace my roof. I knew at that moment I was dealing with someone who was honest. I had Delgado's replace my roof in 2007, and I recommended him to replace my parents' roof, three of my neighbors' roofs, and they are the only roofers I recommend as a real estate broker to both my buyers and sellers.Every time I recommend Delgado's, I know the job will get done correctly, and for a fair price. Delgado's has a great history and presence in Albuquerque, and I look forward to supporting them in the future with more recommendations for roofing."
July 1, 2019 David Quezada

Executive Director At ASF

"I have been using Delgado’s roofing for all 22 years he has been in business. I have referred him to lots of people including my own mom and he is very dependable and affordable. He sands behind his workmanship. I will continue to use him now and in the future. Jose is a man of his word. Top notch in my book."